Hi there, I'm Bradley.

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I like to write articles and tutorials on frontend and backend web development, focused on React and NodeJS.

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What I Do

My work is focused on fullstack web and mobile development.


Web Design

I am an experienced user of design software such as Figma, which is my go-to tool for designing mobile and web mockups.


API Development & Documentation

I have experience working in teams that develop simple to scalable APIs using REST and Graphql.

web development

Frontend Web Development

I have worked with teams that leverage modern Javascript frameworks such as React and VueJS.

I also have experience working for clients with simpler HTML & CSS requirements.

backend development

DevOps Configuration & Maintenance

Building modern CI/CD pipelines for testing and deploying application software is part of my specialty.

native app development

Native App Development

I have previously designed, built and published apps on the Google Play Store.

cross platform design

Cross Platform App Development

I'm interested in learning Dart for building hybrid apps with Flutter.

professional imageMy Tech Stack

A list of some of the technologies that make everything possible.contact box

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