Hi there, I'm Bradley.

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I'm a full-stack developer - I write backend systems in NodeJS, Python and Java; and specialize in frontend Javascript frameworks like VueJS, React and Svelte.

professional image What I Do

Most of what I do currently revolves around learning new concepts and teaching them to others.


Web Development

I build modern websites using Javascript and related frameworks (this website is build Gatsby).


Big Data

I use Big Data frameworks like Hadoop and Spark to build data pipelines for businesses.


Backend Development

I use modern backend languages like Nodejs and Python to build scalable apps for the web



My work revolves around tech and ideas I think are different or interesting enough to write about. Topics might include everything from React to Java.


Native App Development

I've dabbled in Android development for two years or so.


Cross Platform Apps

I'm interested in learning Dart for building hybrid apps with Flutter.

professional imageMy Tech Stack

A list of some of the technologies that make everything possible. contact box


My Blog Posts

I regularly update this blog with bits of information I've found useful in the past.

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